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We specialize in outpatient recovery from alcohol, opioids and other substance use disorders while our patients continue to work and live in the real world. Protecting the privacy of our patients, their families and referral agencies is very important to us. Personalized treatment plans are focused on both short-term and long-term goals that we establish through multiple assessments by our treatment team members. Creating lasting outcomes in the lives of those we treat is our mission.

Neurotherapeutic offers a wide variety of testing and treatment modalities. Our focus on underlying causation is key to a more in-depth diagnosis and a customized therapeutic solution. This approach has lead to our high rates of success. Chemical dependencies almost always have multiple factors. Combining cognitive behavioral and/or rational emotive therapy with medication management while integrating strategies such as acupuncture, hypnotherapy, nutrition, exercise and massage, enables us to better address the underlying causes of addiction.

Our experienced staff and their ability to create customized programs that work for each individual, drives our patients’ successful outcomes.

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Our Services


Everyone is biochemically unique. After extensive blood and urine testing, programs are customized from our expansive list of treatment options.  You can succeed by applying the right combination of treatment protocols while living your life in the real world.


The addictive properties of opiates can lead to misuse, often from prescribed medications.  Modern medication management greatly assists in easing the recovery process over a 40-week time frame.  Adjunctive therapy, alternative services such as hypnotherapy, acupuncture, exercise and nutritional supplementation enhance success potential.


Alcoholism is a learned disease and is often caused by multiple factors. Your individual factors can be diagnosed and your metabolic makeup can be assessed.  A customized program will be created just for you, normally over a 20-week protocol of medication management, individual and group therapy.


Advanced treatment protocols are designed to align brain and body function, a holistic approach to recovery.  Cellular and metabolic testing, combined with unique treatment options create a program custom designed specifically for you and your unique genetic makeup. Neurotherapeutic treatment services offers true personalized solutions to recovery.

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Realistic Rehab

“A well-designed outpatient treatment program is effective with a significantly lower relapse rate when customized to a patient’s underlying diagnosis and metabolic profile.  Going through recovery while continuing to live life in the real world produces profound changes.  Inpatient recovery is sometimes needed for initial addiction treatment when medical necessity dicates, however, step-down to outpatient is almost always necessary to preserve the gains achieved.”

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Dual Diagnosis

Neurotherapeutic Addiction Associates will work privately with patients, families, and provider agencies to determine appropriate treatment plans for chemical dependence which offer long-term benefits with a high incidence of success in a cost effective manner. Neurotherapeutic Addiction Associates believes in efficient, solution focused treatment working towards reducing individual and family conflict, and  improving health. The procedure is to combine cognitive behavioral and/or rational emotive therapy with medication management to alleviate symptomology.


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