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Alcohol Rehab

There is a leading edge treatment team in Central Florida, dedicated, caring and professionally staffed utilizing the most recent treatment models developed from evidence-based research data, a combination of FDA approved medications, medical management, and cognitive behavioral therapy. The treatment team consists of a highly qualified and experienced medical staff, therapists and integrated providers for acupuncture, hypnotherapy, massage, and nutrition.

Alcohol rehab

Breaking Free

For those who truly want to break free of alcohol’s addictive grasp, controlling alcohol use starts by asking for help. Addiction, once considered a moral weakness is now recognized as a primary disease. Now there is a place where life recovery can begin. The patient is special and the disease is destructive. Accurate diagnosis is the key.

The treatment process begins with a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation from which an individual treatment program is developed. The comprehensive outpatient procedure and carefully crafted therapeutic sessions focus privately on each individual, as well as the patient’s health and family needs. By combining FDA approved medications and one-on-one counseling protocols, relapse, and alcohol use decreases – not because of external barriers or demands – but because alcohol no longer remains as a controlling focus of your life.

Our protocols are compatible with goals promoted by the Sinclair Method of Alcohol Extinction. They are based on the most recent research data and can be effective even for individuals who are severely addicted and have failed in the past in their attempts to gain recovery. How much alcohol you or a loved one drinks and the damage it causes, may at first be a personal and private matter, which all too often becomes publically obvious, impacts your life and hurts those people who care about you.

There are many reasons people wish to quit alcohol use, and just as many reasons for not being able to do it alone. At Neurotherapeutic Addiction Associates, lasting successful outcomes are the expectation rather than the exception to the rule.